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Memorial Day Memorial Ideas

“Ready, aim, fire!” a yell orders. Rifles fire at once. The sounds repeat in an organized pattern. Black suits stand with white hats, saluting in white gloves. Fighter jets close in overhead and zoom by. One jet skyrockets upwards...

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Journal Exercises for Grief

One of the most recognized ways of handling grief and other strong emotions is to journal. Journaling is expressing yourself through writing, or drawing, the emotions and feelings you are  experiencing. There is no right or wrong way to journal...

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Beautiful Funeral Poems

Finding the right funeral poem can be exhausting. There are so many options out there and many have been used over and over again. The important thing about finding the right funeral poem is whether or not the poem resonates with the family and...

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Irish Wakes, Poems and Prayers

In Ireland, upon the death of a loved one in the rural country, the body is laid out and is “waked” by the friends and neighbors. After the family and friends have had time to intensely lament for their beloved, food and whiskey are brought out...

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