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How to Plan a Loved One’s Funeral 

There are a variety of reasons you plan a loved one’s funeral. Death can be a sensitive subject for a lot of people.  Planning your own funeral alone may seem overwhelming and quite frankly scary. You may find yourself sitting down next to a loved one and walking them through a preplan. 

Planning a Funeral for Someone Who Cannot

Another possibility is that you find yourself planning a loved ones funeral because they are incapacitated in some way. The reality is that they aren’t physically or mentally capable of making decisions themselves. 

It is unfortunate but not uncommon that funeral plans are made at a point that the person who passed or is expected to pass soon can not make choices themselves.

One reason why preplanning funerals are so important, go here to find out ways to get started….but I digress.


Tips For Planning a Loved One’s Funeral

Whatever the reason you may find yourself in charge of planning a loved one’s funeral here are a few problem solving tips to keep in mind.


They always say “communication is key”, this is also true when it comes to planning someone’s funeral. This one is easy if the person you are planning for is still able to tell you what they want and need. If that is not the case you may have to rely on the relationship and communication you have had with your loved one in the past.

It is likely that you are in charge for a reason. The relationship that you held with the person for whom you are planning the funeral often dictates that decision.


Compile vital information:

When you are planning a funeral for someone else it is important that you have access to their vital information. Something as simple as passwords for accounts associated with the person whom you are planning for.

Understanding their Desires.

The more you know about the person you are planning the funeral for the better you can create a plan that fulfills their needs and desires. If at all possible ask as many questions as you can to create the funeral that will best suit your loved one. 


Remember to be selfless in planning.

  Even though you may be in charge of the planning the decisions are not to be made solely to please you.  A funeral should be a true memorial and celebration of your loved ones life. Make sure that you truly make empathetic yet decisive decisions. 

Be proactive if you can.

The absolute best thing you can do to “problem solve” any future issues is to preplan. Whether you plan a loved one’s funeral or your own; do it when you have the capacity to make sound decisions. 


It becomes apparent that the best option is to be proactive. Have these conversations with yourself and others before they are “needed”.

To have the best result preplan and have open conversations about death when you are healthy and aware of your desires. Better preparation equals less stress for grieving loved ones.


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