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Equine Therapy for Grief

When carrying your grief, you may find times when you want to find comfort, but there are no options around you that have helped. You may not be motivated to work on your hobbies or focus on your job. There may be times when you feel like you...

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Journaling in Grief

As you carry your grief, you may have found many times when you felt like you needed to “let it all out” or where you didn’t want to talk to anyone. Different emotions consumed you and you were not always able to express those...

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Bakken-Young Cremation Services

At Bakken-Young, we understand the stress of planning funerals, making arrangements, cremation, and what goes into it. Because of this, we have resources available to you where you can meet with us and ask any question you can think of. You can...

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Grief in the New Year

Happy New Year! Open a window to let out the old and welcome in the new year. To that, a bereaved responded, “Well then, I better open the doors, windows, and roof,” with a chuckle in his voice. Another bereaved responded, “The...

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Get Ahead: Preplan

Imagine this: your loved ones are stressed. Scrambling for answers, arguing amongst each other, and worried. It could’ve been prevented. You could have saved them extra stress and time planning. You didn’t preplan your funeral, and...

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Grief and Music

Music is communication. It is a connection. Music is freeing, calming, or even emotional. It is storytelling, love, fear, anxiety, depression, or all of the above. Music describes how you feel, and what you didn’t know you felt. It can help...

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You’re Not Grieving Right!

Two family members attended a grief group, each expressing how they grieve, creating some conflict. One said, “I choose to celebrate Mom. Celebrating her on her birthday doesn’t mean I’m grieving. That’s not how I define grief!” The other said...

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