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Tag: grief

Death of a Parent

If this title sounds familiar, it should; in a few days, Tuesday, April 23, Bakken-Young is hosting a webinar with Ken Doka, Ph.D., MDiv, Death of a Parent: am I an adult orphan? I myself fall into this category, having experienced the death of...

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Grief and Music

Music is communication. It is a connection. Music is freeing, calming, or even emotional. It is storytelling, love, fear, anxiety, depression, or all of the above. Music describes how you feel, and what you didn’t know you felt. It can help...

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You’re Not Grieving Right!

Two family members attended a grief group, each expressing how they grieve, creating some conflict. One said, “I choose to celebrate Mom. Celebrating her on her birthday doesn’t mean I’m grieving. That’s not how I define grief!” The other said...

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