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Grief and Music

Music is communication. It is a connection. Music is freeing, calming, or even emotional. It is storytelling, love, fear, anxiety, depression, or all of the above. Music describes how you feel, and what you didn’t know you felt. It can help you understand yourself. And, it can make you remember a time and place and people you wish were there. That’s why grief and music go together. Grief can be felt in music and music can be healing for grief, even if temporary. Grief may never go away, but that’s why we have music. Here are kinds of music that may help you with carrying your grief at this time.

Music for Peace and Relaxation

There is an overwhelming amount of music that can give you peace and relaxation. From instrumental to nature sounds, there is something out there for you. One of the best genres you can turn to is Gregorian Chant.

What is that? Well, Gregorian Chant originates from the Catholic Church. It is music that was (and is still) used to worship. This music is typically slow-paced acapella, but there are some with an organ in the background. Choirs of monks and nuns are more well-known to sing this in harmony and unison. It is an ancient and traditional form of music in the Catholic Church that was made specifically for worship and to honor Jesus–in Latin. Because of that, this music is known for bringing peace and relaxation, assisting with sleep, lowering anxiety, and more. Here is one example of Gregorian Chant that might bring you more peace today.

Music for Focus

In grief, focusing can be challenging, especially when you must get things done, even simply cleaning the house. This is not to say that it is completely unacceptable to think about your loved one. You should be remembering them. This is if you need to focus on something. Try instrumental music! It is common for people to utilize instrumental music in their daily activities for focus. This can be extremely helpful when working (for example, if you must write something) or as a pleasant sound in the background while organizing.

Here is one example of music that can help you focus (and relax).

Grief and Coping Music

Whatever genre you love most, let yourself connect with it. Instrumental, Gregorian Chant, or even regular lyrical songs. If you choose to listen to lyrical songs, connect with them. Allow yourself to cope with your grief. The pain may always be there, but carrying it can become a task that gets easier as time goes on.

Find the music you love and allow yourself to connect to it. It may bring memories full of joy or sadness as a reminder of the pain you are experiencing. It can be any kind of music. Listen to what you love, and don’t worry about judgment from others if they hear it. Music is a part of our humanity. It’s ancient, but it never gets old.

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