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10 Thoughtful Ways to Honor the Memory of a Father

Fathers play such an important role in the lives of their children, which makes losing them even more devastating. Whether you lost the husband of your children or your own dad, Father’s Day can be a sad reminder of the loss you and your family has experienced. Taking time on special days like Father’s Day, their birthday or another significant day can be healing and give you and your family a healthy way to remember the one you’ve lost. Here are 10 simple ideas for ways you can honor the memory of your father, husband or grandfather with your family.

1. Get out and do something that your father loved doing. On his birthday or Father’s Day, go get ice cream together if that’s what he loved. Family can join in whether they are near or far.

2. Think about the most important thing your father taught you and talk to your kids about that lesson and how you learned it.

3. Continue a family tradition that your father or grandfather started. Did you always play basketball every summer when your grandpa visited? Keep the game going in memory of him and name the MVP award after him.

4. Have a special meal in honor of the father you have lost. Make some of his favorite foods and talk about memories you have of this person.

5. For a holiday like Christmas, consider making a remembrance ornament like the one found here. It’s a great way to talk about the grief that your family still may be experiencing.

6. Share a favorite memory or trait about the father that has passed away during a family gathering time.

7. Go through an old photo album of pictures of your dad or husband and tell your family stories of what he was like when he was younger or how you first met.

8. If you don’t have a photo album of your father, grandfather or your husband, make one! Ask family members and friends to contribute photos along with a story or memory about them.

9. Make a home movie about memories of your loved one that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren. While you’re at it, record other special events in your family for others to remember years down the road.

10. Honor another father in your life by spending Father’s Day with them, sending them a card or making a special dessert for them. Tell them how much you miss your dad but how glad you are to have them in your life too.

These are just ten ways that you can thoughtfully honor the father you have lost. Although the pain of your loss may never fully heal, you can still honor and remember them well. If you have other ideas on how to honor the memory of a father, please share them with us! We would love to hear from you!


  • Deborah Bratcher Posted February 19, 2023 9:24 am

    My dad and I went to sit down and look at our favorite movies, television series, comedy shows, church and listen to praise and worship songs and music together. We like driving around in different areas in Memphis, We will go shopping for clothes together, shoes, and eat out. We will also spend a lot of time talking to each other. My dad and I had great memories. We did not have any bad memories. My dad meant the whole world to me. I miss my dad so much. It is not a day go back and I don’t think about my day.

  • Eve Posted June 18, 2023 1:55 pm

    Fondest memories with my dad were attending concerts together. We definitely had music to connect us.
    I go see Stevie Nicks Friday in Chicago. He liked her and would even joked about having left her for my mom 🥹😆

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