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8 Memorable Funeral Favors

8 Memorable Funeral Favors

Memorable funeral favors are a nice way to remember loved ones. It is so hard to say goodbye and having a little something to feel closer to them is so nice. While planning a funeral there are so many emotions and so much to do. Funeral favors for guests could easily be an afterthought. 


I’m making a list of some ideas to get you started. Any of these memorable ideas will be a great way to honor your loved one.


8 Memorable Funeral Favors


1. Seed packets 

Seed packets are a memorable funeral favor because you can plan them and see new life grow. When the flower has the sun and rain to help it sprout you can look at the beautiful flowers all season long and have a sweet memory to bask in. You can have small paper packets custom made to put the seeds in. I saw some with meaningful verses and a nice floral pattern on the outside.

2. Funeral Tag

A small funeral tag is a cute memento to give as a favor. They can be mass produced easily at a good price. They are a simple and small card stock type material that has your loved one’s name printed on it. It could include a quote or a verse that reminds you of the one you will miss so much. 

3. Book mark

A book mark is a creative way to create a memorial. A favorite photo and a nice poem or verse is a perfect way to honor your loved one. It can be especially nice if the one who passed away was a book lover. A book mark is a great way to carry your loved one with you.

4. Small candle holder with inscription

Lighting a candle is a traditional way to remember those who have gone on before us. A small candle holder or candle will be inscribed with the birth and death of your loved one as well as any quote or poem that will honor and remember them. Lighting the candle is a solemn and meaningful way to create a nice memorial. 

5. Sweet remembrance 

A little touch of personality can be achieved with a sweet remembrance. This memorable funeral favor is sharing your loved ones favorite sweets with the guest to take home with them. A little satchel of their favorite candies is a fun way to remember someone after they have died. A mall satchel of hershey’s kisses is perfect.

6. Ribbons

Custom made ribbons can be made in any color and imprinted with your loved one’s name. You can hand out ribbons to mourners and they can tie it up in an important place to always keep them in your memories. 

7. Funeral tissues

Small packs of funeral tissues are always a good favor. Tears are flowing and this favor inscribed with a verse or quote will certainly go to use.

8. Pocket angel coin

A pewter coin with an angel embossed on it is a sweet reminder that you can carry everywhere with you. This funeral favor is small and durable, something that will last long after someone has passed.


Hopefully this list will help give you ideas for memorable funeral favors. If you need any more help with planning a funeral or other support check here.

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