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Creative Ways to Honor Loved Ones at Weddings

Are you contemplating how to honor your loved ones who’ve passed away, especially at an upcoming wedding? Maybe you are the person preparing for a wedding, or the parent, grandparent, or relative of a family member’s wedding. You want to honor a loved one that’s passed away, but you aren’t sure how. Maybe you are even feeling overwhelmed or worried if you do something that seems ‘weird’ or ‘silly.’ Let’s set the record straight; nothing you think will honor your loved one is silly. Every person on this planet has a way they like to remember a deceased loved one because it is unique to them and that person. It embodies the relationship you had with them and brings a sense of closeness or comfort. Are you feeling stuck or want some inspiration? Read on to discover creative ways to honor loved ones at weddings.

Designate a Section to Honor Loved Ones at Weddings

This is one great way to start. Having a section in the room designated for deceased loved ones is a perfect way to honor them at a wedding. Here are some ideas:

  • Photo section (and/or photos of their wedding)
  • Have a graphic-designed card displaying the words, “We remember loved ones we wish were here,” or similar wording. You know what you will prefer, so use your personal touch.
  • Memorial candles
  • Empty chairs at the ceremony with a loved one’s photo
  • Incorporate a flower arrangement (source)
  • Memory box (source)

You can place this section wherever it feels most comfortable to you. If you decide to have the section at the reception, place it either somewhere near the guestbook, on its own shelf, near the seating chart, etc. If you want a section at the ceremony, a spot near the front seating should do.

Actions to Take to Honor Loved Ones at Weddings

Maybe you would rather do something instead of having a way of displaying your loved ones. This could be a wonderful way to express your love for them, so make sure to keep it appropriate for the wedding guests and couple. Here are some ideas:

  • Request a memorial song
  • Reading a quote by them (source)
  • Wearing an item that belonged to them or a gift from them (source)
  • Use their wine glasses or another formal dishware utensil (source)
  • Light lanterns (source)

Make sure to coordinate this with the couple or the ones who are planning the wedding. They could have ideas too!

Other Creative Ways to Honor Loved Ones at Weddings

Are you still contemplating what would be best? You might want to try something unique. Here are other ideas you could do:

  • Memorial seed packets of flowers, plants, and crops that make you think of them or they loved
  • Leave a note in the program (source)
  • Pin a photo of them to your outfit (source)
  • Incorporate something of their religion
  • Name something after them (source)
  • Other favors include cigars, their favorite treats, etc.

These ideas can be fun, so allow for some fun! Sometimes the best ways to remember loved ones are those enjoyable moments of laughter or smiles. Let yourself live in the moment, without worrying about others or what comes next.

Live in the Moment

Perhaps the best thing you can do to honor your loved ones who have passed away at weddings is to live in the moment. Appreciate life’s blessings and the small things. Take time to absorb the things that remind you of them. You won’t regret it.

Do you have ideas for creative ways to honor loved ones at weddings? Comment below!


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