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Journaling in Grief

As you carry your grief, you may have found many times when you felt like you needed to “let it all out” or where you didn’t want to talk to anyone. Different emotions consumed you and you were not always able to express those emotions to others. If you did, you might have felt empty after a discussion because they just don’t understand you. You felt frustrated by that, and still feel the need to release your thoughts and emotions, but sometimes crying took so much energy. While it is okay to cry to express your grief, it can also be okay to express yourself in other ways. Are you looking for another way to “let it out?” Journaling in grief is what you need. 

Journaling in Grief: Why?

Have you ever felt that writing an angry note down, crumpling it up, then throwing it away helps you feel less angry? The same concept goes for journaling in grief. This time allows you to write down as many things as you wish. Whether you are experiencing a deep sadness, a little anger, or a lonely feeling, write what you want. No one has to read it. Journaling in grief is your time to freely write down your thoughts and everything you want to say. You can scribble, write angry words, let tears stain the page, or draw. Journaling is a time to be creative, so let yourself be creative.

Journaling in Grief: How?

So, you have decided you would like to start journaling in grief. Great news, we are glad this helps you express yourself. But now you are not sure how to get started. Don’t worry. There is no right or wrong way to do it (no pun intended). Think of it this way: this is everything you want. It can be what you want to be told, what you want to say, what you did not get to say. It is everything and anything. Here’s an example if you need a nudge, answering the question, “How are you?” How are you doing? What is going on in your mind? 

Here are more ideas to help you:

  • The emotions or feelings you are having a hard time expressing.
  • What are your wishes and regrets?
  • Do you have favorite things about the person you are missing right now you want to share?
  • What is something funny they have said?

The list could go on, but hopefully, this ignites a spark in you.

Bakken-Young is Your Grief Support

If you would like further support, contact us. We have multiple opportunities for you as you carry your grief. One of these is an upcoming free grief webinar about losing a parent on April 23rd. Another is our in-person grief group that starts on March 4th. Lastly, a bi-monthly grief event we have is our Coffee & Conversation, the next one on March 1st. We are here to support you.

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