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Benefits of Grief Journaling

What are some benefits of grief journaling? Grief is different for everyone. Some share their grief easily with whoever will listen and others keep it inside. It is only natural that the way we process grief is also very different.


A lot of people have a love/hate relationship with journaling. Some people love writing and it is second nature. Just pick up the pen and the feelings flow out. Others can’t remember the last time they wrote. I know some of you have tried it and never seem to get anywhere. Certainly there are many  effective ways to process grief. Journaling is just one of them. 


Grief journaling is easily accessible

Journaling is easily accessible. All you need is a notebook and a writing utensil. You could crack open your laptop and type away. Even a simple notes page on your smartphone is a perfect place for a little grief journaling. You can do it pretty much anywhere. Sitting in a waiting room or on a lunch break at work. Anytime you are feeling grief you can start processing right there.


Grief journaling is cheaper than therapy

Therapy can be expensive. It is definitely worth it to get help from a professional but it is not always in everyone’s budget. In the same way grief journaling is accessible it is also inexpensive. Stop by your local dollar store and grab a notebook and pen and you are ready to go. Even investing in a decorative journal and colorful ink pens saves money. 


No fear of judgment

Even in therapy people hold back true feelings. Some struggle even in a therapy setting to truly let all their feelings out because they fear judgment. Grief journaling is perfect for this, you can write down every last horrible feeling and thought you have without anyone judging you. After writing it down you may even come to realize it is not as bad as it seems. Just getting the feelings out and owning them can help you feel better. After you are done you can simply rip it up and throw it away if you wish to. 


No need to follow rules in 

Grief support groups are great. Therapy is awesome. Talking with a friend is a blessing. All of these are great ways to process grief. However there are rules and decorum that must be followed. Having guidelines and rules are necessary because they create a safe space for all people involved. 


What if you just want to let it all go? No rules, no “I” statements. Not having to look at the bright side. Just full on explosion of emotions. No need to follow rules. One of the favorite benefits of grief journaling. We live in a world that has a lot of rules and expectations to fit in to. Sometimes we need to let go of the rules. Forget the stages of grief. Ignore the hope of the future and just get all your feelings out. 


The benefits of grief journaling are many. Making excuses about getting healthy is easy. Hopefully these benefits will encourage you to try grief journaling as a part of your grief story. Click the link for additional grief support. Need some more journaling inspiration? Check out these posts:

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