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Grief Journaling Prompts

Writing can be very healing in times of grief. Grief journaling prompts are a great way to get you started. Sitting down and processing feelings on paper is easy for some. For others it can feel impossible. Whether writing is in your comfort zone or not at all, a simple prompt can get the thoughts and words rolling. 


Certain questions may seem obvious in early stages of grief. For example asking yourself, “Why am I grieving”, after a parent dies seems like a no brainer. You are grieving because you lost someone important to you. As time goes on and you get further away from the immediate grief of your loss, the ability to process deeper feelings may need a little help. 


Grief Journaling Prompts


Why am I grieving?

As I mentioned, this question may seem obvious.  Keep asking yourself why and write whatever comes to your mind.


Who/What am I grieving?

We grieve when people die, but it is not only the person we grieve but all that we lose with their death. We grieve the traditions we took part in that will never be the same. In the loss of a parent or child we may also question and grieve the title of son or daughter or Mother/ Father. When writing about this prompt, think about everything that you lost. 


What time of day is the most challenging?

Is there a certain time of day you feel your grief is heavier? Maybe during the day when you are busy with work you can hold it together but when you get alone in quiet moments the grief comes rushing in.


What triggers me?

Are you triggered when Mother’s Day cards are on the shelf or on the first day of school when parents are dropping off their children? Nothing brings on grief more than reminders of life moments that you will no longer be able to take part in because of your loss.

Writing about your triggers can help you process and manage your grief in healthier ways. 


Now Put the Pen to Paper

Some other grief journaling prompts include asking yourself what unhealthy things may you be using to deal with your grief. 


There are many different paths to processing and healing from grief. The truth is that grief may never go away and that’s okay. When you lose someone you don’t get over it, you just learn how to go on with life in a different way. 


In that process of healing take a moment to imagine what your life will look like when you are healthy and whole. As I said, that doesn’t mean you “get over” your loss, it’s just that you are able to find hope on the other side. If you don’t see a hopeful future now, take the time to visualize and write about what it will look like and feel like to feel that hope. As you write about it you can work toward getting there in real life. 


Using grief journaling prompts at different stages of your grief story is hugely beneficial. It is an easy, inexpensive way to get your feelings out and start processing them. Just grab a notebook and pen or open up that laptop and let those feelings flow. 

You can find more grief support here.

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