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Being Thankful and Giving Even As We Grieve

Being Thankful and Giving Even As We Grieve

Being thankful and giving even as we grieve can be overwhelming. The giving season is upon us. Children are all over the place selling Christmas wreaths, pizzas, poinsettias and asking you to sponsor them as they do a fun run. Soon we will see salvation army bells ringing and missions asking for donations of time and money. During this season it is a time for thanks and a time for giving. If you are grieving you may question if you have anything to give.


Grief can be emotionally exhausting

Early grief can feel like a dark cloud that follows you. You recognize your world has changed and it can be hurtful and overwhelming to know that the world goes on around you. As grief goes on it may feel that you have to mask it in public. If you are working and have to power through the day it can be emotionally EXHAUSTING. When you are so exhausted from your own grief it seems impossible to go out and help someone else. 


Believe it or not, being thankful and giving can be healing on its own. It is really important to get out and be a blessing to others and take a moment to find something to be thankful for. Even in our darkest moments there is something to be thankful for. 


Here are a few ways to continue being thankful and giving even as we grieve


Make a smaller commitment

Some organizations need long term commitments when you want to volunteer. If that feels too overwhelming for you, seek out a short one day commitment.  It will allow you to make an impact and help others without a weekly commitment which might be too much at this stage in your grief story. Here is an example of a one day volunteer opportunity.


Bring someone along to support you

If you do want to volunteer or make some contribution to help another take a friend with you. Having someone who knows what you’re going through and can support you through it is a little bit of a safety net. 


Remember it may lift your own spirits

It may sound selfish to say but helping others is a great way to make yourself feel better. It’s true though, serving others can remind us of all we are grateful for. It is also a great way to honor the legacy of loved ones we have lost.


Even when you are feeling down and grieving yourself you can still take part in the giving season. Reaching down deep to reminisce on what you are grateful for as well as taking the time to give to others is a small piece of your overall healing.


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