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My 13 Reasons Why

You probably don’t know this but May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It is supposed to be a time where we learn more about mental health issues and ways to support and respect those who have mental health problems. For many though, this has...

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Losing a Loved One in Combat

Bakken-Young Funeral and Cremation Services would like to express its gratitude to the brave service men and women who have lost their lives, and we offer our condolences to their families.  Losing a loved one in combat or military service...

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Living with the Death of a Parent

The death of a parent can hit us hard even as adult children. It doesn’t matter if you have been a caregiver or your parent lived alone and independently. When we lose our parents, for the most part, we lose the figures who had been the most...

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What Not to Say at a Funeral

Knowing what to say or write to a mourning friend or family member can be quite distressing. Most people are well intentioned and don’t want to increase the pain and discomfort of those they love. That doesn’t always mean that we know what to say...

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Irish Wakes, Poems and Prayers

In Ireland, upon the death of a loved one in the rural country, the body is laid out and is “waked” by the friends and neighbors. After the family and friends have had time to intensely lament for their beloved, food and whiskey are brought out...

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