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Pros and Cons of Cremation

When the topic of death comes up in conversation some people talk about it openly and as a simple fact that all people will someday die.  For others it is a topic that they avoid at all costs. Some even feel that talking about death can manifest it to happen. Even though it is a sensitive topic, it makes sense to approach the subject so that you and your loved ones can make an informed decision when the time comes.  One of those areas to be educated on is the topic of cremation vs burial. Which one will work best for you and your loved ones? Let’s find out by talking about the Pros and Cons of Cremation.


Pros for Choosing Cremation


PRO:  Cremation is the less expensive option.  Cremation does not require embalming which makes it much more cost effective. The average burial cost in Wisconsin can be between $5,000- $6,000. Cremation can cost less than burial. Click here to see our Service Pricing.


PRO: Cremation gives more flexibility in the time frame needed to plan and execute a memorial for the deceased.  These days many families live far from each other and have a hard time making arrangements to attend a memorial when it occurs only days afters the death. Cremation allows the body to remain in an urn until the time of memorialization.

PRO:  There are many more options as far as the ways to display or memorialize the body when they have been cremated.  When a burial takes place the body lies in a casket and is placed at a cemetary. There are not other options. When someone is cremated their ashes can displayed in an urn or any other container of their or your choosing.  The ashes can be sprinkled over the ocean or into the earth to a tree that is planted in their honor. There are an endless amounts of different ways to honor the deceased in this way.


Cons of Choosing Cremation


CON:  It is important to consider the religious beliefs and traditions after death and regards to burial. Burials are widely expected and conform to many religious beliefs.  For some religions cremation can be considered disrespectful so it is always important to consider this possibility. Do your best to make sure that this topic has already been discussed before their death.  


CON:  It may be hard to decide what to do with the remains after cremation. If there was not any pre planning involved or if family members disagree on who will keep the remains and the way in which it will be displayed it could create strife and tension in the family. To avoid these disagreements, consider preplanning the funeral so all of these details are worked out beforehand.


CON:  With cremation there is not a monument or place to visit. Some people find solace in returning to the place of burial to remember and pay respects to the deceased.


CON: Cremation is not available in every community. Not every funeral home has the equipment needed to complete a cremation.  You may have to go farther out than you wanted to get it done.

These are just some of the pros and cons to consider when thinking about cremation.  Whether you opt for burial or cremation it is a personal decision. Understanding all options is essential in making the best decision for yourself and your loved ones. We are here for you with any additional questions you may have. Contact us today so you have all the information you need.  

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