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The “Weird” Things We Do When We Grieve

The “Weird” Things We Do When We Grieve

The weird things we do when we grieve. Loss does something to our mind and body like nothing else. It is the emotional pain that feels physical and as a result can manifest in your body in physical aches and pains. Grief does weird things and we do weird things when we grieve. 


All  the Things They Left Behind

When your loved one died they left behind pieces of themselves all around. Clothes they wore, songs they loved and pictures of fun times you had together. Each of us respond differently in the way we connect to those things.


If you hear their favorite song or their favorite band. You know the one they had on repeat, in the car or waited in line for hours to get the tickets for. Whenever you hear that song it brings up memories of them. It brings you back to the moments you spent with them. Here is the weird thing; what if you really disliked or were annoyed by their lack of taste in music but now all you want to do is listen to it. You hated it when they were here but now it is how you connect to them and it’s all you want to listen to. The weird things we do when we grieve.


In the same way that you may want to listen to and connect with things only they liked. Hearing those old favorite songs might be too much for your heart to handle. You may hear the first note and turn it off as quickly as your fingers can move. 


Photos Dumps

It is common to post a picture in remembrance of someone on your social media page. Friends and followers express their condolences and tell you to reach out if you need anything. A week, a month, a year after their death you post loving photos in remembrance. Is it weird if that is all you want to do is post pictures of them. 


Maybe it makes you feel connected to them. Maybe it is a way for others to acknowledge you’re still grieving. Maybe you just feel closer to them when you see their face. At a certain point others may not understand why you aren’t “over it” yet or that you should be further with your healing. It might feel weird that you want to post all your pictures of them. 


The Weird Things We Do When We Grieve Are OKAY.

Doing any of these things might feel weird but no matter how weird, new or different it might feel. It is okay. Whatever you feel, feel it. If you need to do some things to connect with your loved one, do it. As long as you are being safe and healthy you go ahead and grieve in your own way. If anyone thinks you are weird, Oh well. 


We all love differently so we will grieve differently, embrace the differences, embrace your own grief story and do not be afraid to do it your way. Build your support team and keep remembering your loved one in your own way. 


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