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Taking Time Off to Grieve

Taking Time Off to Grieve

Every personality type thrives in different environments. Some people get filled up from being around people and communicating. Some get filled up by spending time alone.  Whatever it is for you, it’s important that you take the time to refill your cup and grieve.


During times of loss and grief, self care is all the more important. Experiencing grief and loss can be so emotionally draining that when it comes to trying to take care of the little things that come with being a parent or a leader, it leaves little to deal with everything else on your plate. If you’re experiencing overwhelming grief with seemingly too many responsibilities, it may be right for you to take some time off. 


Tips for Taking Time Off To Grieve

Set a Time Frame

The reality is that most of us have jobs, families or responsibilities that will be waiting for us. Setting aside a certain amount of time to take off will be necessary for most people. But there are also some benefits to giving yourself some boundaries to work within. By setting a time frame for your time off, this allows you to have a concentrated time of grieving. But it also gives you an endpoint, so you aren’t stuck in an intense mourning experience by yourself. 


Schedule Time Alone, and Time With Others

Regardless of whether you are an introvert or extrovert, you most likely will benefit from having time by yourself, and also with others you know and care about. For those who are introverts, being alone constantly can increase the likelihood that you will get caught up in cyclical negative thought patterns. Without any outside help, your time off could get you more bogged down in your grief. But if you have trusted counselors, friends or family members there who are willing to allow you to grieve, they can also be there for you when you need a helping hand out of harmful thought patterns. 


For those who are extroverts, you may have the tendency to fill your time with activity and people, thereby avoiding your true feelings. Having time dedicated to being by yourself will allow you time and space to feel your grief and process it in a healthy manner. 


Consider Using a System to Help You Through Your Grief

Depending on your personality, it may be helpful to have a plan for your time off. Whether it’s meeting with a counselor, finding a good grief group, or even reading a recommended book on grieving. Any of these choices (and others) can help guide you through this dedicated time for mourning. 


In many cultures, ancient and present, taking a set time to grieve was not only seen as helpful but necessary. In our fast paced world, let’s not forget the benefits that a time of mourning can produce. Your world will never be the same after your loss, but there is a way to find a new normal, and taking time off may help you in that process.

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