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5 Helpful Podcasts for Grief Support

5 Helpful Podcasts for Grief Support

 Many services that were readily available to us have been taken away during the pandemic because they are not deemed “essential”.  One of those things has been in person therapy sessions.  It is a relief that many therapists have simply gone digital but for some it is just not the same.  Podcasts for grief might just be the answer.

Grieving during such a monumental time in history has added stressors to increase your grief.  Do you feel as though you need a little extra support during this time? Maybe you lost your job and no longer have insurance to cover a therapist or counselor.  One way to get more education or support listen to grief podcasts. There are so many great podcast where you can find professional advice. Therapist and grief specialist are sharing their years of education and experience. The best part is it can take place in your living room wearing sweats, and it’s free.


Listening to Podcasts for grief support during the Pandemic

There are so many very informative and helpful podcasts out there. Many of the hosts and or guests are highly trained mental health and grief professionals.  What better way to get the insight of a world renown therapist and not have to pay a cent for it. I have compiled a list of 5 podcasts that have some insightful content that just might give you that extra boost to get you through the day.


Insightful Podcasts for Grief

1.  Cleaning up the Mental Mess with Dr. Caroline Leaf 6/11/2020
In this episode Dr. Leaf speaks to grief expert and therapist Clare Bidwell Smith. She talks about how grief looks different for everyone and how unresolved grief can affect long term mental health. 


2. Good Grief, Girl
In this episode best selling authors Ashley K. Pittman and Caressa Rezsonya share their stories about grief and the pressure to be silent about their grief. 


3. Let’s Talk about Grief by Addie Anderson 10/15/18
Coping with Grief After a Sudden Death
This episode talked with a woman and shared her experiences when she had to deal with the sudden death of a loved one.


4. Mindfulness & Grief Podcast
Grief Dreams with Joshua Black, Ph.D 3/17/19
This episode Dr. Black shared his knowledge and experience with grief dreams.  He goes into the meaning of the different types of dreams. He also gives tips for children and adults to use the dreams to help in their “grief work”.


5. Coming Back: Conversations...
E104: I Hear You with Michael Sorenson
In this episode the host talks to the guest about truly listening to other people. It talks about the importance of emotional validation in grief. It talks about the need to truly be heard in our grief. (Skip to about 12:30 to get to the interview)


I did pick specific episodes that I thought were good. The great thing is that all of these podcasts have so much content to pick from. Scroll through and see if any topic sounds interesting to you.  To find these podcasts you can click on the link or search them on your favorite podcast app. 

For those that haven’t already joined a free virtual grief group offered by Bakken-Young, head over to our grief calendar and check out all of our personal grief group options.

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