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Why You Should Join a Grief Group

Why You Should Join a Grief Group

Most people know that living in community is important. Did you know that some scientists are even ranking connection as one of the basic needs of humans (alongside food, water, shelter, etc.)? The need for connection isn’t any different for those who are grieving. This is why joining a grief group may be exactly what you need to do. 


What is a Grief Group?

A grief group is a set of people who have gone through similar circumstances and are grieving. Most often, these groups are led by competent counselors or mediators. They help to facilitate the conversation and guide those who are mourning along the way. There are many types of grief groups. Some may be general grief groups while others are more specific to the type of loss that was experienced. For example, there are child loss groups available for those who have lost children, no matter what their age. 


These groups are especially helpful for those who could use an understanding environment. A place where they can let our their grief without judgement or expectations. They are places to be free. Grief groups allow those who are mourning to mourn, however they desire. 


Is a Grief Group Right For You?

Once we understand that humans are able to function their best while in a supportive community, it makes sense that a grief group would be helpful for just about anyone. If you are an extrovert, you should try a grief group. If you are an introvert, you should try a grief group. Whoever you are, you should at least try joining a grief group. 


Which Group is Right For You?

Finding the right grief group is the next step. We’d encourage you to try at least a few times to figure out which group is right for you. It helps to have a sympathetic and respectful group leader. The grief groups through Bakken Young Funeral and Cremation are led by Chaplain Julia Rajtar. She has been leading the various grief groups for years, and her experience will be a great help to you as you grieve. 


Bakken Young offers multiple types of grief groups as well. There are some that meet for 6 weeks at a time and focus on adults who have lost a loved one. There are also more informal meetings that meet at a local coffee shop in River Falls or New Richmond. You simply show up when you can and discuss what you need to. 


In addition to these groups, Bakken Young also offers specific grief services around the holidays. There is the Service of Remembrance and the Tear Soup Meal options that are coming up in December that might be perfect for you.


Lastly, if you have any questions about grief groups or general grief questions, Chaplain Julia or one of our other qualified staff members would be happy to help you. Our hope is to support you through your grief experience in whatever way we can.  

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