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Find Your Heart Again After Loss

Do you need to find your heart again? When you lose someone close to you it can feel as though they take a piece of your heart with them. You used to be passionate about the future. However ambition and hope feels like a thing of the past.


When you are experiencing grief, things you once cared about often take a back seat. 

Losing Heart

There are times in life where we feel like we “lose heart”. It could be a trying time in your relationship. Financial struggles may be bringing you down. There are no shortage of triggers in life that may make you feel like you’ve “lost heart”. Grieving the loss of someone you love is just another way. 


When you feel like you have lost heart it is as if you stop believing you can succeed. Another way to think of it is losing hope. Without hope the future looks pretty bleak. 


You used to be ambitious and set goals and make plans for the future. After loss, what you once found important doesn’t feel so important anymore. If you can identify with this you may need to find your heart again after loss. 


It is true when a loved one dies, life changes. The closer the relationship and the more time you spent with them the more it has an impact on your daily life going forward . So many people believe the idea that you will eventually get over a loss. It is even expected by some that you should eventually be able to “go back to normal”. The reality is that your grief will change over time but it is always there. Recognizing that it is normal for you to still feel sadness and still miss your person forever can help you find your heart again.


Find your heart again after loss


If there is one thing death does is make you re-evaluate what is really important in life. It is an opportunity to get yourself more in line with your values. When you are in line with your values your heart will be more fulfilled. 


Your regrets and anger can work in your favor. Feeling like you didn’t have enough time with your loved one. Even feeling guilt about something you did or didn’t do. Once you recognize these feelings you can use them to make changes in the important relationships you have remaining. 

Feel your pain

Feeling the pain of your loss is important. To get back to a place where you are feeling hopeful requires that you allow yourself to feel your feelings. If you have to constantly shut down your grief and block it out unfortunately that may carry over when you want to feel positive feelings. 

Stay connected

Stay connected with your family and friends. Coming together at funerals often reminds us how important family is. When you work toward building connections and keeping them strong it will impact other areas of life. 


Finding your heart again after loss can be quite the challenge.

Never give up hope that it is possible and you can do it. Find additional grief support here.


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