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Emotional Support  TV for Grief

Have you ever been in the depths of grief and wanted to do nothing more than curl up on the couch and watch some TV? Emotional support television can be quite comforting.


Grief is a whirlwind of emotions. At times we want to feel them all. Just let the tears flow and wallow in our sorrow. Other times we want to know that others understand our pain. Recognizing someone else has experienced similar sorrow can bring comfort to know we are not alone. And still other times we want to just forget about the pain all together. Distractions can sometimes be a blessing. 


You have heard it all before, “TV will rot your brain,” too much TV is not good for you,” etc. While too much of anything is not healthy at times getting lost in a good documentary or movie can be good for the soul. 


Some media outlets are a trigger for grief. It is better to stay away from the stuff that triggers unhealthy grief. It is important to stay aware of those triggers and approach them in a healthy way. 


Three types of Emotional Support  TV for Grief



Stories that make you realize you are not alone.

Watching stories of heartbreak may be a trigger for some, but for others it is an opportunity to use the story to release your own grief. As you follow along with others’ stories you can really feel it and identify with it. In these moments you can release your tears and cry it out. Not only will it open the floodgates of emotions you need to express it reminds you you are not alone. 



Stories of hope and joy after loss. 

In the midst of grief, hope is hard to find. It may seem there is nothing to look forward to. A future where you once again experience joy seems impossible. When you see no evidence of things changing, watching some emotional support TV might be a tool you can use. Seek out stories that have a hopeful ending. Real life stories that recognize loss but shine a light on the positive that can come out of it might just give you the glimmer of hope you need. 



Emotional support TV that distract from reality

Emotional support TV for grief may only work for some of us if it has NOTHING to do with grief at all. Everyone is different therefore everyone’s response to grief will be unique to them. Watching stories of grief and hope may be a trigger for some. Sometimes you just need to curl up in a blanket with the pint of your favorite ice cream and a comedy or something so unreal that it brings your mind to a whole other mindset where your grief doesn’t exist even for just a little bit. Now, don’t get me wrong. Grief existing is okay. It is normal and we need to deal with it. Sitting in front of fantasy TV to run away from grief is different than indulging every so often. 


One of my favorite emotional support TV experiences is to watch old 90’s sitcoms at bedtime because they are so positive, calm and predictable. What is your favorite emotional support TV?


While you may need a little tv to distract you from the grief you’re experiencing, at the end of the day you need real people to connect with too. When you’re ready, connect with one of our free grief groups for additional grief support.

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