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3 Ways to Connect With Others While Grieving

3 Ways to Connect With Others While Grieving

If there is one thing I know, its that people are different. And yet we are all really so much the same. Oxymoron? Maybe, but looking deeper, there are many traits that all people share. Humans thrive on connection and being “known”. What that means to each person and how they feel connected is unique to each person or personality type.  Often someone in mourning is not focused on how to connect with others while grieving, but that may be exactly the thing they need to think about. 


We All Experience It

One thing that humans experience at one time or another is grief. For some it may be grief over losing their job, losing a beloved pet, or a friend or family member. The expression of grief can vary greatly depending on the person. There are grievers who feel the need to be around others constantly. Others prefer to be alone and may even isolate themselves. Some go back and forth as they go through different stages of mourning.


Regardless of what type of personality type you have, or where you are in your grief, there will be a time when you need to connect with others. Some personalities do this naturally and seek out connection with others, especially those who have had similar experiences. For others, more often those who identify as introverts, may turn inward and not seek out someone to commiserate with. When this happens long term isolation can occur. When grief and long periods of isolation occur it can become a breeding ground for other issues to arise. Experiencing grief is normal, Experiencing grief differently than others is ok. Experiencing grief entirely alone though can become detrimental.


3 Ways to Connect with Others While Grieving

While there are many different activities or groups you could join, some may be more helpful than others. It may be helpful to have a group that is mostly fellow mourners, set up so that you can others can talk about your grief. In contrast, it can be equally necessary to have a group of people who are aware of each other’s grief, but get together just to enjoy a night out. Below, we give you 3 ways to connect with others while you are grieving.


  1. Twice a month on Friday mornings from 8:00 – 9:00 AM, meet others for some coffee & conversation.
  2. Bakken Young Funeral Home often holds a 6 week grief group where you can work through your grief and connect with others. The next sessions starts January 23rd.
  3. Enjoy An Afternoon Out with others who have lost a loved one. It is a great way to meet others and find ongoing support after a loss. The next Afternoon Out is January 27th.


If anyone is feeling alone in their grief I would encourage you to seek out support.  Find others that have been where you have been. Talk to a counselor or pastor or a friend.  Joining a grief support group is a great way to start the healing process. Join any of the grief groups at Bakken Young Funeral Home and begin the path to healing. To find that connection with others, to hear their stories and to be able to tell yours can really be freeing and healing. When we know that we are not alone it gives the strength to persevere.  


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