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Benefits of Grief Support Groups

Benefits of Grief Support Groups

There can be so many benefits of grief support groups. It can be intimidating for some to think about sitting around with a small crowd of people and spill your guts. Being vulnerable in front of others can make you want to run the other direction as fast as you can. 

It is easy to disqualify group therapy or support groups because you don’t think others want to be burdened with your pain. Maybe you feel embarrassed or have some shame surrounding your grief. You may even fear that opening up about your pain will just be too much and you don’t want to break down and cry in front of a bunch of strangers.


Like I said there are a handful of reasons people may convince themselves that a group setting is not for them. As always “to each their own”, but I here to say that you may just be surprised how freeing it is to have a group of people you can talk to. 


One of the greatest things about participating in a support group is the universality that you feel. The others in the group may not know your exact pain but they each have a story of their own. Hearing others’ fears, struggles and loss allows us to recognize that we are not alone. Everyone experiences grief in their own way but there are so many ways we can connect with others. As we talk about pain we see ourselves in others and can take a step back from our own pain and see it with new eyes.


Benefits of Grief Support Groups

  • Connection with others who have similar experiences

  • Being vulnerable can free us from the prison of grief

  • Casting a wider net of support people

  • Gives us perspective on our own pain and loss

  • Allows for safe processing of feelings

  • Accountability partners in healing

  • Creates opportunity for your pain to help others

  • Self discovery through connection with others in a similar boat as you

  • Potential to create lifelong friendships if so desired


This is just a short list of the benefits of grief support groups. Connecting with others can help improve your overall health. Physical and mental health as well as overall well being are significantly impacted by the relationships you have. Support groups can give you a safe place to talk about and process feelings of grief and loss. 


If you haven’t yet I suggest you give a support group a try. There are so many groups out there and the great news is they are inexpensive or even free. There are also a lot of specialized support groups that consist of others who are going through a similar loss.. For example if you lost a spouse there is a group for that. If you had a child die or have experienced the suicide of a loved one, there is a group for you.


Find more info about grief support available in the Western Wisconsin area through Bakken Young Funeral Home. 


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