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5 Ways to Acknowledge Valentines Day After a Loss

Whether you’ve lost a significant other or a spouse, Valentines Day after a loss is difficult. While it may not seem like it would be helpful to celebrate Valentines Day, it often isn’t easy to ignore all together either. The heart candy, red flowers and “adorable” pictures of couples floating around make it hard. Instead, we’ve got 5 ways for you to celebrate Valentines Day after a loss.

Celebrate with Friends

Have you heard of Galentine’s Day? It was made famous in the TV show Parks and Recreation. On February 13th, the main character Leslie Knope would gather all her girl friends and celebrate friendship. She called it Galentine’s Day. This year, you could gather your friends together and celebrate Galentine’s Day (or Malentines Day for the men out there). Enjoy your close friends and celebrate the relationships that you have, while remembering those that you have lost.

Volunteer Your Aching Hear

One productive way to help yourself grieve a loved one is to be thankful and to give back to others. Take time to grieve and let yourself feel any emotions that come your way. But also continue to remind yourself of the things you are thankful for; for the time you spent with your loved one, for the relationships and good things you still have, and the promise of hope in the future. In tandem with gratefulness, spend time giving back to others. Find a place to volunteer that would have made your loved one proud. If you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at the River Falls Community Food Pantry. They are a great organization where you can be sure that your help will be appreciated.

Remember Your Loved One

What if this year you started a tradition to remember your loved one in a special way on Valentines Day? Was there a special restaurant you two went together often? Have dinner there with a friend or on your own. Did your loved one have a special love for Dairy Queen? Grab a Dilly Bar in remembrance of them on Valentines Day. Invite your other family members to do the same wherever they are. The possibilities are endless with this option. It’s a thoughtful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day after a loss.

Join a Painting Class

Don’t want to be alone on Valentines Day, but don’t want to celebrate with friend either? Try joining a painting class. You can be with others but keep to yourself if you wish. Enjoy the creative time and explore the emotions that you’re feeling as you paint. On February 12th Cheers Pablo in Hudson is painting a picture of a bleeding heart flower. The great thing about these guided painting classes is that you don’t have to be super artistic to be able to create a nice painting.

Let Yourself Wallow

Of course, your other option is to watch a sad movie, curl up in a ball and mope. Heck, you can do this in combination with one of the suggestions above. You may not be quite ready to acknowledge Valentines Day yet. Keep these suggestions in mind for later years when you may want to do something for Valentines Day after a loss.

For anyone who has lost a special loved one and is struggling with the aftermath, you are welcome to join one of the grief groups held at Bakken Young Funeral and Cremation Services. Don’t miss out on these helpful grief support groups where you can begin the process of healing.

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