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Planning Your Own Funeral Is A Blessing

Thinking about death is never fun. Especially your own death. It is so easy to get caught up in the painful possibilities. All that you will miss out on or all that your loved ones will miss out on when you are gone. Despite what you may think, planning your own funeral is a blessing.


Death escapes no one

There is one thing we all have in common. One thing that makes us all so very human. Death. We will all die eventually. We all hope and pray for long lives and a peaceful death in very old age. The reality is that we just do not know when or how we will die. Some do receive diagnoses that carry with it a timeline and life expectancy that may be a little more concrete. However even then the last breath is not known.

Every loss of life is devastating in one way or another. It is so hard for us to comprehend how someone can be so alive and then just gone in the next moment. In hindsight the question is often asked how we could have saved them. Whether a result of suicide or disease we always want to question death. 


Planning your own funeral is a blessing

Since we all know we are going to die eventually, why does the thought of planning our own funeral sound so morbid? Just like most things the answer is often fear. Fear of thinking about the day we are no longer here. Imagining the pain others will feel. The burden that will be left with those who grieve and even the fear of whether or not they will. There are so many reasons that people avoid planning their own funerals. It may sound funny but planning your own funeral is a blessing. 


Deciding your legacy in life and death

When planning a funeral it is the desire to honor the legacy of the loved one who has passed on. As you plan your own funeral you get to decide what your legacy is. While you are still living you always have that to remind you and to keep you accountable that you are creating the legacy you desire. As you do that your loved ones will truly be able to testify that your legacy was fulfilled and will be carried on beyond your life. 


Planning your own funeral creates an authentic atmosphere for your loved ones grief

When your loved ones know that the funeral was curated by you they will know that it honors your memory. They know it is what you wanted and there will be peace that your wishes were fulfilled. 

The burden of planning is removed from your loved ones

When you plan your own funeral it is a blessing because the burden is removed from your loved ones. When you die they will be grieving. To know they simply have to execute your pre planned funeral will reduce anxiety and alleviate additional grief. 

Your message to loved ones will be clear. 

Planning your own funeral allows you to speak to your loved ones even after your death. You can write messages to them. These messages will remind them of your love for them. It can also give them hope for the future. When they have words of wisdom or comfort directly from you they won’t have to wonder. They can carry those with them forever. 


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