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Missing You Dad

Father’s Day is a day to show love and honor to your Father. Whether you wrap up some new grilling utensils, fishing gear or the old classic tie, it feels good to get Dad a gift. For many this time of year can be a hard reminder of what you are missing. Maybe you never got a chance to know your Dad before he died. Or you had a fantastic relationship with your Dad, but he has passed on and you can no longer celebrate in person. Let’s talk about celebrating Father’s Day when Dad is gone.


Nothing can fill the shoes of your Dad being present. You can still remember him on Father’s Day even when he is no longer with you. His impact and legacy lies in your DNA. You will carry it on with you. Missing Dad will never end, but you can still honor him. 


No Matter How Old You Are You Will Miss Him

Whether your father dies when you are 8 years old or 58 years old it leaves a void. Losing a parent is unique from other losses. Much of your identity for better or worse can be traced back to your relationship with your Father. The experience you have after the death of your father is affected by the relationship you had with him while he was alive.


 No matter what your story is, losing a parent can create a feeling of abandonment. No matter your age we look to our parents for guidance and comfort. Whether young or old when you lose your Father, he will always be a missing piece that you yearn for. 


I Talk About Him Because I Am Proud

Have you ever avoided talking to someone about a loved one who died because you didn’t want to stir up their grief? It is normal to question whether or not to bring up the loss. For many, talking about their loved ones is appreciated.


 Talk about your loved ones as much as you want. “I talk about him because I am proud of him.” Tell a story. Reminisce about all the good times. Recognize the traits they possess that are carried on in their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. When you are proud of someone you want to talk about them. 


I’m Still Missing You Dad

If you have a relationship with your Dad and he dies you will never forget him. Fear of forgetting deceased loved ones is normal. All the memories and all the love never leaves. 

I continue to celebrate him and his legacy. Just because he is gone does not mean he will be forgotten. There are so many special ways to remember your Dad, especially on Fathers Day. Celebrate your Dad any day of the year. Plant a tree in his memory. Sponsor a park bench in his favorite location. Eat his favorite ice cream in his honor. There are so many lovely ways to remember and honor your Dad. “Missing you Dad” will always be a sentiment you feel. His memory and legacy will live with you always.


If you are struggling with your grief connect with us for more support.

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