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From Grief to Renewal During Easter

From Grief to Renewal During Easter

The Easter season is upon us and many people will celebrate Easter as the beginning of Spring and the arrival of the Easter bunny. Christians celebrate Easter as the remembrance that Jesus died on the cross and miraculously rose from the dead to restore God’s people to Him. They trust that heaven is waiting for those who believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is about the renewal of hope. Whether you are a practicing Christian or not, renewal can happen in the midst of grief. The Easter story highlights this, as Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead completely transformed and renewed.   


Self-examination often happens during the mourning period. This self-examination can lead to positive changes and to taking steps into the future without the person you loved along side of you. Here are some questions to consider as you celebrate Easter this year. Journalling the answers to some of these may help you find your way from grief into renewal and hope for the future..


  1. What does Spring mean to you? Is it an important new season for you? How do you recognize that Spring has arrived? What are some activities you have planned for the season of Spring this year?
  2. Change is difficult. What are the challenges facing you as you move into the new season? Do you need to spend more time alone? with others? Do you need a plan for the upcoming changes? Who can help you through these challenges?
  3. Do you believe in life after death? If so, how do you picture this life?
  4. What core beliefs of mine have been challenged during this time of loss?
  5. What is the meaning of transformation? Am I in the process of intentional transformation? Do I want to be?


Take just 15 minutes to write down your thoughts about the renewal and transformation of your life since death impacted your world. Writing it down creates a sense of ownership to the changes happening since the death you experienced. It diminishes the sensation of floating along with changes never certain of where you are going. Reflecting on the changes in your life can help you formulate the steps you need to take to be transformed into the new you. Shape this Easter into a time of renewal and transformation for yourself. Discover peace in the midst of the storm as you intentionally contemplate the upcoming spring and summer days.

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