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Fathers Day Remembrance Ideas


Father’s Day comes once a year. It kind of sneaks into our schedule often overshadowed by Mother’s Day and the transition from spring to summer weather.  Often a quick run to the store produces a new tie and maybe some grilling tools for the father in your life. As a kid it was always such a joy to make that card at school or to find your dad’s favorite candy.  Presenting the often homemade gift and seeing the approval on your father’s face and feeling complete pride in seeing that you could make your Father happy was one of the best feelings in the world.

When your Father or a Father figure or even just an important father in your life has passed on, Father’s Day becomes a day of remembrance.  Fathers have a great impact on our lives. All the memories of the years gone by become a warm feeling to look back on and we realize that our interactions with our father have a big part of creating the person we have become.  


When that person is gone we can no longer buy that tie or bring their favorite case of beer to make them smile, there are ways we can continue to connect with and remember our Father’s impact long after they have gone on.

5 Fathers Day Remembrance Ideas

With sites like Pinterest and Etsy out there these days there are so many ideas shared and creative people able to help make things that can be a meaningful way to remember our Fathers. Here are 5 ways to remember a special Father on Father’s Day even when they are no longer here on earth.


  1. The first thing I really was touched by was to find a favorite flannel shirt or other article of clothing and have it made into a teddy bear. Spray it with your dads favorite cologne. The bear can live on the bed and when you feel you need a hug from your dad you can cuddle with the bear, and feel and smell your dad.
  2. A decorated stone for the garden with their favorite bible verse or quote is a great way to remember your father. Gardens and nature are a place of beauty and are a great place to reflect and remember those we love who have gone on.
  3. Going along with the nature theme. Plant a  tree and every Father’s Day after, mark the growth of the tree. The growth of the tree is a great way to recognize the impact of a Father’s life and how it continues to impact the world long after their death.
  4. Host a father’s day barbeque that honors all the Father’s that are still living. Create a menu and activity list that includes all of your Father’s favorite things. Have everyone share fun stories and examples of how the one who has passed has impacted your life. Each year set a goal or intention in relation to something your Father would have wanted for you. Each year check in on your progress as you acknowledge the continued impact he has.
  5. Under the circumstances that your loved one was cremated you can have some of the ashes made into some beautiful jewelry or piece of art. The art can be displayed in a place of prominence or the jewelry be worn daily so that they remain with you always.

These are just a few of the many ways to remember your Father on Father’s Day and throughout the year. Whatever way you decide to remember your Father, you can celebrate the day with both grief and thankfulness for the role he played in your life. Looking for a few more ideas? Try this article: Another Father’s Day Without Dad

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