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Another Father’s Day without Dad

The ads are in the paper, on tv and on the radio. Get him a grill, think about a new shirt, wash his car, a new fishing pole is nice. All this anticipation heightens our senses to the reality that many of us will not be doing any of these things this Father’s Day.

Missing Dad on Father’s Day

If you’re feeling the loss of your dad, think about these questions:

  • Who are our fathers for us?
    • Friend, protector, coach, guide, teacher, provider, cheerleader, …
  • What was meaningful to them? What was meaningful for you to do together?
    • Go fishing, hike, dance, play cards, build, fix cars, play sports, motorcycle together

Remembering Dad

How do we go on celebrating Father’s Day, when dad is no longer here? We can remember.

Watch one of his favorite movies, visit another dad or send a card to another dad, tell the stories, have the family barbecue in his honor, re-use his fish hooks or ties into something creative. And no matter how long ago dad died, it’s still ok to cry.

For other ideas to celebrate Father’s Day after dad has died, go to:

For more grief resources, visit our grief support page.

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