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Express Grief Through Poetry

There is something about music or poetry that expresses feelings that we struggle to put words to.  Grief reaches into the deep places in us and hides there. Sometimes it takes reading that poem to even recognize that it has settled in. Have you ever read a poem and tears just started to run down your face because it said everything that you felt but couldn’t say on your own.   Reading or writing poetry can help us express and process the grief we are feeling. 

Here I have some great poetry that hopefully will speak to you. Maybe you need something to read at a funeral of a loved one. Maybe you just need to find words to express the grief that you are still feeling now. 


Don’t Cry for me, I’m not gone. My soul is at rest my heart lives on. Light a candle for me to see and hold on to my memory, but save your tears for I’m still here, by your side through the years. 

-Christy Ann Martine

God saw you getting tired. When a cure was not to be. So He wrapped His arms around you, And whispered, “come unto me”. You didn’t deserve what you went through. And so he gave you rest. God’s garden must be beautiful, He only takes the best. So when I saw you sleeping, so peaceful and free from pain. I could not wish you to come back to suffer that all again. 

-Author Unknown

Words seem so feeble in moments like these. Life is so precious, and death such a thief, The depths of your pain I cannot comprehend, but I’ll stand alongside you in the darkness, my friend. Love is a bond that death cannot part. Gone from your arm, but still in your heart. 

-John Mark Green

Some more poems to express grief

Grief, I’ve learned, is really just love. It’s all the love you want to give, but cannot. All the unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat. And in that hollow part of your chest….Grief is just love with no place to go. 

-Jaime Anderson

 A whisper from a sweet small voice. I’m here and I’m okay. All that weighed me down on earth has been lifted and sailed away. Though I was young and my time was short I know that I will forever be in your heart. I was not made to grow old on this earth it’s true but in my spirit I will always be with you. 

-Kassandra Valentine

A warm mug and some poetry

If you can’t find the words to express your grief, dust off that old poetry book sitting on the shelf or refer back to these lovely poems. Cuddle up with a warm cup of, dare I say pumpkin spice latte, or your beverage of choice, read the deep words and let the emotions flow. Don’t do it alone. Find a support group and read poetry with others who are grieving.

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