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5 Tips for Celebrating Birthdays in Memoriam.

5 Tips for Celebrating Birthdays in Memoriam.

Celebrating birthdays is a common custom for the majority of us. Blowing out candles, giving gifts and putting up decorations. It is nice to be celebrated. It is fulfilling to know that loved ones are recognizing your life up until this point and wishing you “many more”. 

What if you there aren’t many more to come? What if a loved one has passed but you still want to remember them on their birthday? There are so many ways to continue celebrating the life of a loved one even when they are no longer living. 

5 ways to Celebrate Birthdays in Memoriam

  1. Get together with a small group of loved ones.

 Gather with the immediate family and or close friends and relatives to celebrate. Celebrate the life of the deceased and let their memory continue on.

  1. Gives gifts in the form of donations to a cause important to the deceased loved one

Find an organization that caters to something your loved one was passionate about. You could even make it available online for anyone who wants to donate in honor of them. 

  1. Talk about the great memories you have

Laugh and cry! Grief can pop up at any time but understandably you must manage the ways you express your grief in certain environments. This is a perfect opportunity to let the feelings flow. Talk about the memories. Give yourself freedom to share openly, laughing about the great memories and crying because they are no longer there to make more. 

  1. Recognize the date with a candle or a lantern. 

Light the candle to remember your loved one throughout the day and night. Many religions recognize this as a spiritual act of remembrance. It is a way of saying that you are keeping the light (their life) shining on.

  1. Bake a cake and blow out the candles to celebrate

 A tasty cake is always something to look forward to at a birthday party. It’s kind of like a delicious cheat meal that comes around every so often. This is another day to indulge in a delicious cake. Enjoy every bite and make a wish or intention on how you will go forward in the year to come honoring your loved one. Making a cake is also a fun way for children to remember a parent they lost. 

Celebrating birthdays after death may change and be clouded with more grief than joy,

even so there is purpose and meaning behind carrying on celebrating their life. A day that used to be filled with sweets, gifts and celebration can still be all of those things.

There will surely be a sadness that comes along with birthdays where the one you are celebrating does not get older. There is something amazing and spiritual that connects you with your loved one and feels as though they are there and they know you are celebrating them.

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