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Boost Your Physical Health As Grief Support

Did you know you can boost your physical health as grief support. Grief is not one size fits all. Each human grieves in their own way. Some may show emotions outwardly and cry publicly. Others may keep their feelings to themselves or share with only a select few. Some do both depending on the moment. Grief manifests itself in many ways. Feeling depressed, lazy and unmotivated can be a result of unprocessed grief.  

Boost Your Physical Health as Grief Support

No matter how you grieve it is important to stay on top of your physical health. Being physically healthy will impact your emotional health. Making physical health a priority while you grieve is essential. With the right balance you can create a healthy lifestyle that will promote healthy grieving and healing over time. 


In the depths of grief it is easy to bypass exercise, getting enough rest and finding joy in your life. When you lose someone you may overwork to avoid feelings. Laughing and having fun may seem selfish. You may be so emotionally depleted that physical exercise is easy to skip. However what we know is that neglecting your own physical health can make grief worse.


Exercise, Rest and Play


  • Imagine that each day you take the time to move your body. Take a walk, a jog or the exercise of your choice. 


  • Next you put away all your work and sit in the sun and enjoy the breeze or even take a little nap with a comfy blanket. 


  • Lastly, you spend time doing something that brings you joy. Crafts, playing a board game, laughing with friends or just whatever gives you life. 


Doesn’t this sound like a pretty great day? Doing each of these things daily will not only boost your physical health, it will also give you that boost of endorphins that allow you to remain hopeful in your grief. 


Boosting your physical health will create an environment for healing and strength.


Exercise, rest and play are three pieces to the puzzle when it comes to taking care of your physical body. One of the big mistakes people make is focusing on one of these pieces while neglecting the others. Doing more exercise may get those endorphins flowing, but it must be a balance. If you aren’t also taking time to rest and relax your grief can easily become overwhelming. The last piece in being well is taking time to play. Spending time doing things that bring you joy can be very healing. Creating a balance between exercise, rest and play lays the groundwork for an environment of healing and strength. 


Grief Support

Physical health is a great place to start when it comes to grief support. Having a good support system is also important. Find someone to take that daily walk with you. A trained counselor or therapist to talk to and give you professional feedback is crucial. Joining a grief support group where others are experiencing some of the same things as you is also a great piece of the puzzle. True wellness and healing requires many different pieces that all play their part to move toward a hopeful future.

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