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Talking with Children and Teens after a School Shooting or other Tragic Events

Chaplain Julia Rajtar, MAPS, BCC with Resources from the Dougy Center


An occurrence that has become way too frequent in our society is the reality of death by gunshot of children and teens in schools.  What do parents do, what do teachers say, how do we even send children back to school as the end of the school year approaches?


The Dougy Center, Portland, OR is a resource for education, training, and support for children, teens and young adults.  One section on their websites speaks to:


Crisis Services: Someone To Talk To

When someone is struggling, or life gets overwhelming, there are crisis lines for support:

  • Pierce County Crisis Line   888/552-6642
  • Croix County Crisis Line   888/552-6642


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

800-273-TALK (8255)
800-799-4889 (Deaf and Hard of Hearing)
888-628-9454 (Ayuda En Español)


Crisis Text Line

Text HOPELINE to 741741


Help before a crisis heats up:  Call a warmline

Warmlines are operated by peers, people with life experiences similar to yours. They listen without judgment and use their training and own experiences to help you steer clear of a mental health crisis before it happens. There are many warmlines in Wisconsin. All warmlines are non-emergency sources of support.

NOTE: Some warmlines may not answer your call immediately. You may be asked to leave a voicemail and wait for a call back.

Available to all state residents

  • 608-244-5077 (Operated by Solstice House Peer-Run Respite)
  • 608-519-1489 (Operated by the La Crosse Lighthouse Peer-Run Respite)
  • 715-505-5641 (Operated by Monarch House Peer-Run Respite)
  • 920-815-3217 (Operated by Iris Place Peer-Run Respite)
  • 414-877-5918 (Operated by Parachute House Peer-Run Respite)

Available to all state veterans

262-336-9540 (Operated by The R&R House Peer-Run Respite)


Need more grief resources? Find more on our Grief Resource page.

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