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Valentines Day as a Widow/er

Valentines Day as a Widow/er

According to Wikipedia, Valentine’s Day also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. It’s significance is “the celebration of love and affection.” For those who are experiencing Valentines Day as a Widow or Widower, the day is spent remembering the love that was lost. 


Throughout the different phases and stages of life, our relationship with Valentine’s Day may change. For many, it truly is seen as what is was created for. For some it is about celebrating the love and affection they have for another. Valentines is exciting for the young person who receives a valentine from an admirer.  For the couple who has been married for years, the holiday often passes by with very little fanfare.


Valentines Day can be a great reminder that you love and are loved. After all, as humans we all desire to feel connected, desired and loved. It is a basic human need that can bring great joy and great sorrow into one’s life. As we ride the waves of life, many of us experience both true and deep love as well as the pain of love lost. 


“It’s better to have loved and lost, then the never have loved at all.”  This common saying can bring comfort but during Valentine’s Day more than ever. It can remind us of the ones we have loved and lost.


Valentines Day as a Widow or Widower

When you have lost a spouse, Valentines Day can bring up feelings of sadness and loneliness. It’s a reminder of the companionship and the love and affection you once had. The feelings are especially raw the very first Valentines Day as a widow or widower. Reminiscing on all the love you shared with your spouse can bring comfort. You can be sure that those memories will always be there and they will never pass away. Take the time to connect with others in your life that you love and have affection for. Spending time with children, grandchildren and dear friends can remind us that we are loved in return.


If you know someone who has recently lost someone or even if has been years. Reach out to that person, have a coffee date, send a card or some flowers. Little things can make all the difference in how they experience the holiday.


Nothing can replace the love of someone we have lost but love has a way of stretching itself and finding us even when the source has gone on.

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