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Tribute to Our Pets

The bowls are empty. There is a bare pasture out back. The house is still, so still a quiet drawn breath could be heard. There is a heaviness lying in the air, all because of the sudden emptiness. Four paws used to tap across the floor. A swishing tail and grazing sounds would break the silence behind the fence. They were once there. Each day brings more loneliness and realizations. They weren’t always this way. Days were filled with laughter at the four legs prancing around. Giggles ensued. Smiling was a given. Joy was present. Memories don’t have to remain as such, days can be good again. Force the good memories to be stronger than the bad. Make the good memories outshine the bad. Our days can be better. Let’s make our days complete with good memories. This is a tribute to our pets.


Tribute to our pets

Here’s to the furry ones.

To the hooves and paws.

Here’s to the licks, cuddles, and following tracks.

To the greetings after getting home. The meows, barks, growls, or purrs.

Here’s to the ones who were always excited for a treat. Tap dancing around the kitchen, invading personal space, jumping in our laps. Whining and meowing. Neighing when food would come. This is for the ones who always exuded joy.

This is for the ones who helped us in our pain. For keeping a watchful eye. For resting a head in our laps. This is for the ones who listened without a sound.

This is for our pets. They were always there. Here’s to the long days, tears, fears, anxieties, and heartbreak moments that they were there. We loved them. We loved them as part of our own. They will always be with us, in our hearts.


Our pets are always with us because they are in our hearts

When our pets die, it does something different to us in grief. Our world crashes down, and our support system that loved us no matter what is no longer there. Not having another pet to turn to can be difficult, and especially taking the step to get another pet in the future. Here’s what we need to do. We need to remember them in their good nature, in the good times. Yes, there will always be bad memories. But, we must allow ourselves to live in those happy memories. The good ones. There are many.

Here’s one idea for you to think about: pretend to greet them when you get home. Who cares if your family members think it’s weird? Let yourself live in that memory. As it is painful to go from greeting your dog every day to nothing at all, let yourself pretend. You miss saying those words of greeting in that voice, a “Hiiiiiiiii baby!” so let yourself do it.

Let’s remember their impact on us. Let’s use their endless love for one another. They gave us a second chance. We can do the same. Let’s forgive. We can love like they did, love our friends, family, and strangers. A smile is all it takes. A compliment. Our pets loved us fully. So, let’s love each other fully.


Bakken-Young is here

Losing a pet leaves you broken. Bakken-Young is more than a funeral home. We are here to support you before, during, and after your loss. There are many resources to help you as you carry your grief. Don’t go through this all by yourself. You deserve support. Contact us today. We will be here for you.

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