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Three Big Ways Preplanning Your Funeral Is Beneficial

Three big ways preplanning your funeral is beneficial. Planning a funeral is not something you typically get excited about. In many cases funerals get planned quickly and often in a state of shock and saturated with grief. Funerals often get planned when a dire diagnosis is received, a person has been sick for a while, or after the person is already dead. 


All of the above options are less than ideal when it comes to making sound end of life plans. Life is unpredictable and tragedies and traumas happen all the time. As a result sometimes you just have to make the best of life’s circumstances when they arise and deal with it in the moment. 


Mourning the death of a loved one and then having to plan their funeral often in a very short time is a lot to carry. Planning a funeral ahead of time when “all is well’ can take that burden off yours or your loved ones shoulders.


 Making decisions about end of life plans can be painful for some. The realization that life will end at some point is a thought process that many try to avoid, especially if there is nothing suggesting that you NEED to. 


Even though it may be hard to think ahead to your own death or that of a loved one, preplanning is an amazing gift you can give to those you mean the most to you. 


Three big ways preplanning your funeral is beneficial

Knowing it will be done your way

When you are dead, unfortunately you can’t plan your own funeral. If you could be a little birdie at your own funeral, would you be chirping up a storm? Telling people, no no no, I don’t even like that song. So one of the big ways preplanning your funeral is beneficial is that you get to tell everyone what to do. You get to decide whether you want a casket or cremation. Do you want to have an open casket visitation? For some that is important and others say NO that don’t want to be seen like that. You get to decide what will best honor your memory and your desires. 


Being Financially prepared

When you preplan a funeral you will know exactly how much it will cost you. You can pay for it in advance if you desire. Most importantly you will take the financial burden off of your family. So many people that do not plan ahead pass away and leave behind additional financial stress to deal with along with the grief they already feel. 

Preserving your legacy

Fulfilling your desires will give you peace of mind. the gift of no additional financial burden for your loved ones.  Be intentional about the legacy that you want to leave behind. Knowing what you want your legacy to be long before you go will also inspire you and others to live the rest of your life in a way that honors and fulfills that legacy. 


These are just three of the reasons preplanning a funeral is beneficial.  Find more reasons and start your preplan today.

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