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Self Awareness And Grieving

Self Awareness And Grieving

Self awareness and grieving. Being self aware can benefit you in business, in relationships and in grief. The more that you know yourself the better you can grieve in a healthy way. 


Grief is normal. Everybody grieves when they experience loss. We all grieve very differently and we need to leave space for ourselves and others to grieve in a way that is best for them.


So how do we know what is best for us? Knowing what is best for you comes down to being self aware. Self awareness is truthfully knowing what your character is, what your values are and how other people experience your personality. 


Being self aware is not always as easy as it sounds. It is funny how some people think of themselves as self aware but really aren’t. Many people describe themselves as they want themselves to be or on the flipside without any grace at all. The more you truly know yourself and the way you respond to life’s ups and downs the better you can navigate grief when it comes your way. 


Grief can bring us to a place that is very uncomfortable and rocks the status quo. When we grieve we have to feel things. When this happens we have an opportunity to recognize what we need to get back to balance. There will always be ups and downs in grief, you need to feel all your feelings and embrace the journey. Self awareness and grieving work together for healing. 


Becoming Self Aware


Take a personality test 

I recommend the enneagram; it digs deeper into how each type responds when they are healthy or unhealthy. When you know how other people experience your personality you are truly becoming self aware. When you are self aware you can start to predict your grief triggers and learn how to best treat yourself. 


Journal about your feelings 

Read back what you have written and then go deeper and think about why you may feel that way. Keep asking yourself questions and the answers often reveal themselves. Writing can help us understand our thoughts and feelings. The more we are able to process and understand feelings of grief and loss the better we can move toward healing. 


Talk to a professional

Talking to a therapist or counselor can help you ask and answer the questions that will help you move toward being more self aware. Having an unbiased, professionally trained voice to 

‘spill your guts” to can be so helpful. They can help you unwind all those thoughts and feelings.


For additional grief support go here. 


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