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Pre-planning is a thoughtful method of funeral planning which grows in popularity each year. Some people do this with the sincere desire to avoid being a burden on their families. Others like the idea of having everything taken care of, and yet others may have no one else who can make arrangements for them. Funding your arrangement is another important decision to be made in the pre-arrangement process. While funding is not necessary to create a pre-arrangement, it can further ease the financial concerns of family members. This also allows you to arrange the kind of service you prefer and be assured of adequate funds for the future payment of the service. We have several options available for funding your pre-arrangements whatever your situation.

Preplanning Advantages:
• As specified in each contract, we guarantee to deliver every preneed contract with no additional charge for any item prepaid in the contract (including cash advance items to others such as cemetery fees), and in addition, guarantee all services as specified, and guarantee delivery of all merchandise specified.
• Your personal wishes are carried out, to the selection of every detail
• Tax free benefits
• It relieves your family of a financial burden
• Gives you peace of mind
• All funds prepaid are placed into a Funeral Trust through FDLIC (Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company), Homesteaders or a local bank of your choice.

Pre-planning will ensure that things are in order so that there will be more answers than questions.


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