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Preplanning for the Beginner

Preplanning for the Beginner

If you’re new to the idea of preplanning a funeral, then you are not alone. For many, the concept of intentionally planning how they would like their funeral to go, is strange. The truth is that if you are wise, you will make these decisions while you have the time and space to think about what your legacy will be.


So, what is preplanning and why should you do it? Preplanning a funeral can be done for yourself or can be done with a loved one, or both! When preplanning, you are able to take the important step of documenting your wishes regarding your funeral so that your loved ones won’t have to make guesses at what you would have wanted. Estate planning can also be done in tandem with preplanning so that you can have peace of mind that you have done everything possible to make your passing as easy as possible on those you love.


There are many advantages to preplanning a funeral. Here are just a few:


  • Makes things easier on your loved ones, by decreasing emotional and financial stress. Allowing your loved ones to grieve, rather than stress out about planning your funeral and guessing at what you would have wanted is something you know your loved ones will appreciate.


  • Gives you full control of your funeral/cremation decisions. You determine what your wishes are and put them in writing to provide a guide for your family and the funeral home. Any special requests you have will be easily communicated with your loved ones after your passing so they know what your wishes were.


  • Allows you to change or adjust the services you have selected at any time. You can change your mind and making those changes within your preplanning arrangement is simple and easy.


  • Gives you peace of mind. You can know that things will be taken care of in a manner that is consistent with your wishes.


Whether you are ready to start the preplanning process or simply want more information, head on over to our preplanning page and fill out our quick form. This will give you the opportunity to start the conversation with one of our professional funeral staff members. No pressure, only helpful information to aid you in making your decisions. Not sure about preplanning yet? Make sure you read this helpful article on Overcoming Barriers to Preplanning or take a look at this article that talks about the First Steps to Preplanning a Funeral.  Whatever step you take next, let it be one that gives you peace of mind.

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