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Pre Planning No Matter Your Age 

Should Millennials be pre planning their funerals? Is this a thing? Pre planning no matter your age is smart thinking. Millennials are generally in the stage of life where they are getting married, raising kids and knee deep in building careers. This is the stage of life for many that is BUSY. Still young enough to be healthy and active but old enough to have a little wisdom to live by. 


Many are starting to feel confident in their career fields or are excited about a new path they are setting out on. The bulk of youth is in the rearview mirror but life is full with a lot of future ahead for millennials. 


So is pre planning a funeral something to even think about at this point? The short answer is yes. It is never a bad idea to prepare for the future. 


Some basic things to think about when starting the pre planning process no matter your age. 


1. Cremation or burial?

Start thinking about whether you want to be buried or cremated. Once you have decided there are different forms of burial which you can dig deeper into and make decisions about the specifics. 

2. Funeral or memorial service?

Do you want to have an actual funeral service and if so what would you like to be included in the ceremony. Often there will be a funeral and possibly a viewing and memorial service. If you are cremated or if you so choose you may only do a memorial service. These are some more basic things that you need to know as you start the pre planning process.

3. WILL 

Do you have a written will? If not, get started on one. Now as you start to grow your finances and have assets to speak of. It is a good time to get your afterlife intentions on paper.

4. Guardianship/Beneficiary

If you have children one of the most important things that you don’t want to think about is who will raise them if you and your spouse were to pass. Talking about and having your plans in writing is an important step in the pre planning process and something that will definitely create regrets if you put off. 


5. Pre Planning: Put it on paper

Once you have a basic understanding of what you  desire, it’s time to get it down on paper. There are professionals who can help you to guide you through the pre planning process. A plan in your mind is useless if you can’t communicate to execute it. 


Pre Planning No matter your age is an important step to having control over you and your children’s future even after you’re gone. Reach out for professional services to help answer questions and guide you on your pre plan.

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