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Passwords After a Death

Passwords After a Death

When a loved one is sick with a terminal illness or has reached an advanced age the thought of preplanning a funeral becomes almost standard. When we know the end of life is coming close, preplanning can be a part of the process of coming to terms with the knowledge that death is near. The more prepared we are, the better off the people we leave behind will be.

When it comes to preplanning a funeral at a young age, it is simply less common. You can preplan your funeral: from the flowers you want to have displayed, to the music you want played. There are some other areas of preplanning that are really important that go outside of what the funeral or memorial should look like.

What Happened to Passwords After a Death?

In this day and age almost if not everything is online. From bills being paid, services received, and even as a means to stay in contact with others. Each and every one of these mediums at some point require a password to access them. So what if someone dies unexpectedly? We often forget about what happens to passwords after a death of a loved one. What if they are the one who paid the trash bill and who managed the kids college tuition. What if they were the one that kept in contact with all the family members when there was a family gathering.

Preplanning Includes Personal Information

If this person dies unexpectedly imagine they had their phone locked and only they knew the password. Suddenly clues to their last conversations and interactions and even cause of death could be locked inside the phone. Phone numbers and emails for loved ones to let know of their passing also locked inside. After the shock of their death settles in, you realize the trash has not been picked up.  The bill has gone unpaid because they used to do that. You can not even access the account because you do not know the password.

As you go forward remember that tomorrow is never guaranteed preplanning for life after death is crucial to creating the easiest transition for those left behind. Our preplanning team at Bakken-Young Funeral can help with the big funeral and memorial service decisions. But we can also help with the small details such as making sure your important information is relayed to those left behind. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you.

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