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Hearts Together, Forever…

By Chaplain Julia Rajtar, BCC, MAPS

Winnie the Pooh quote imageThis month offers us an opportunity to celebrate love. As children in school, we shared valentine cards with classmates. Years later we shared a special dinner, a box of chocolates, exchanged a card, given flowers, sent a text with a special emoji on it or snap-chatted with someone special. Grief is love, not wanting to let go. Who of us wants to let go of love? Death causes us to let go of their physical presence, but we carry their love, forever.

That love will always be in our hearts. Give it attention, give it time. Sometimes we want to focus on the relationship and memories of our loved one, privately. A guided imagery activity can help with that, or simply recalling a special time together.

Another way to give attention to that love is to be with others. Nothing does a heart good more than doing something for others. Reach out to family or a friend in a special way, considering making and bringing a meal over to a busy family, or lonely neighbor.

Performing a Random Act of Kindness is a heartfelt way to share your love. Send valentines cards to someone in a nursing home. Sit next to someone who sits alone at church – and maybe invite them to coffee. Stand at the entrance of a store, and complement each person walking in. Google Random Acts of Kindness, you will find many other ideas for adults and children as well. And share your random acts of kindness with us, if you would like.

However you choose to give your love and attention, know that the love you shared remains forever. Life has to end, love doesn’t.

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