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First Step in Pre planning a Funeral

First Step in Pre planning a Funeral

Step 1: Do your research

Preplanning a funeral is a proactive way to prepare yourself and your loved ones for the inevitable future. You may read a list of steps to take and think, this is great, but the hardest part can just be taking that first step. I am going to help break down step 1 to pre planning a funeral so that you can do the most important thing, and that is to get started.


Preplanning funerals has become more popular over the years and hopefully is becoming a normal part of life planning. Everyone will die someday, it is the one thing that we all have in common and is inevitable. Some pre plan so they know final decisions will be made according to their wishes. Some do it as a gift emotionally and financially to loved ones. 


Taking the burden off of loved ones who will be preoccupied with grieving will certainly benefit from preplanning. Whatever your rationale for preplanning your funeral is, it is one of the best ways to prepare for the future.


So back to step 1: You can go back and read a previous post about the list of steps. I will remind you of what step one said.

Step #1: Do Your Research

“By reading this article and our other articles that are linked, you are already on your way to completing the first step of preplanning a funeral! Way to go! A good place to start with your other research is to get a baseline knowledge of the laws and rules that apply to pre planning funerals within your state. Knowing what is allowed and what is not allowed will help you wade through the many opinions and stories of what can actually happen in the state where you live. For those who live in Wisconsin or Minnesota, this article has some helpful tips”.


The all important research. Some of us love it, others can’t stand this stage of the process. It is important to know the do’s and don’ts, regulations and laws in the state that you live in. The internet is the perfect place to start when it comes to finding the information needed. The hard part is wading through the unnecessary info and uncovering the information that is helpful. 


Breaking Down the First Step of Pre Planning

 Who has the Right to Make Funeral Arrangements in Wisconsin?

Below is a list in order of who has rights according to and Wisconsin Funeral Laws.

  • a representative you name before your death
  •  spouse, unless divorce proceedings were pending at the time of your death
  •  child, or a majority if you have more than one
  •  parents
  •  sibling, or a majority if you have more than one
  • your next of kin
  • your guardian, if one was appointed for you, or
  • any person who is willing and able to take the job.

I think it is very important to let the first and last of this list really sink in. The first being a representative YOU name before your death. The last being ANY person who is willing to take the job. The real question when pre planning is which of these do you want to be in charge of your funeral?

As you can see researching is an important first step in the pre planning process. If you’re ready to start pre planning your funeral, or a loved one’s funeral, you can start with our simple online form. If you’d like to talk to someone for more information regarding pre planning, call Bakken Young Funeral and Cremation Services at one of our two convenient locations in River Falls and New Richmond Wisconsin. 


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