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How do I pre-fund a funeral?
Many people are discovering that pre-financing their funeral services lightens the burden on family members when the need arises.  Pre-financing of funerals is a rising trend nationwide.  there are two options available for pre-financing as dictated by Wisconsin state law:

Bank Trust Accounts:  All monies received by the funeral home are placed in a 100% trust through a local bank in a certificate of deposit.  All interest accumulates to the account until drawn out with a certified copy of the death certificate.

Funeral Insurance:  Also 100% trusted, with the vehicle being an insurance policy or annuity.  The policy is collected at service time with proof of death certificate.  There are several insurance companies who handle funeral insurance.   We can put you in contact with the agent of your choice.
Is having an outer burial container a state law?
No, state law does not require an outer burial container. Local cemeteries are allowed to set their own regulations regarding outer burial containers. Almost all local cemeteries have this requirement. The reason cemeteries require an outer burial container is to support the weight of the earth above the casket. This helps to preserve the cemetery’s property.
Can you have a visitation if you choose cremation?
Yes, cremation is considered final disposition, the same as burial. The types of services available before cremation are the same as those available before burial. You may choose the services that fit your family’s wishes.
If there is a visitation before cremation, do we have to buy a casket?
A casket is necessary for a visitation. A cremation casket can be purchased or a rental can be used.
What is a rental casket?
A rental casket is a casket shell with a removable alternative container. The alternative container is removed and cremated. And a new alternative container is inserted.
Do you have to belong to a cremation society, if cremation is your choice?
All funeral homes offer cremation as a choice for final disposition.