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Why Every Parent Needs a Will and End-of-life Pre Plan

Every parent needs a Will and end of life pre plan. Starting out your family is an exciting time in life. Raising young children is busy, stressful, exciting and full of life. Whether you have one child or many, children command your full attention and effort. When you are knee deep in diapers, bottles and onesies you may not be thinking of creating a Will and end of life pre plan.

I’m too busy

You may feel that it isn’t a priority in your life at this point. You are young and the children fill your whole world right now. That is exactly why every parent needs a Will and end of life pre plan NOW. 


Right now you drive your kids to activities. You make them their meals.  Bring celebrations and holidays to life. You keep them safe and healthy and loved. If you and or your spouse were to pass away, who would be there for your kids?


Why every parent needs a Will and End-of-life Pre plan

The number one and most important reason is that in the event of an untimely death, guardianship should be your choice. Can you imagine a world where you weren’t there to care for your children and someone else who doesn’t know your values will decide their fate. 


When you think of making a Will it is often associated with “heirloom assignments”. Or in other words who will get your money and your stuff. However when you are a parent of dependent children the focus is on who will care for your children. If you do not have this end of life pre plan and Will in place essentially anyone can make an application to be guardian no matter what you would have wanted.


In the pre plan it is also important that you make clear instructions so that your children will be taken care of as YOU wish. When you pre plan you can have conversations with potential guardians and make final decisions in the case of an untimely death. 

Having Conversations With Potential Guardians

You may have a family member in mind who you desire to be the guardian in case of your death and they may not be up for the challenge. It sounds crazy but it happens. You want someone to be the children’s guardian and after a conversation they say, “no” that it is not a responsibility they are willing to take on. You may immediately feel shocked and hurt that they do not want to be written into your Will as guardian, however it will be a relief to know that you can make a better choice rather than having it disputed after your death. 


Securing your kids financial Future

Every parent needs a Will and pre plan to secure your kids financial future.  Without end-of-life planning finances can be left up to chance. With a pre plan you get to decide when and how your children get money and who gets to be the executor. It is crucial to have the right person making financial moves on your children’s behalf in the event of an untimely death.


We all dream of long healthy lives where we get to raise our children and love them always. Life doesn’t always happen in the way we would like. We hope and pray for the best but must prepare for the worst. Creating the best future possible for your children is in your hands.

Get started on your pre plan today


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