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Death and New Life At Bakken Young

For most people, spending every Sunday morning in a funeral parlor may seem less than ideal.  And though funeral homes often make us think of death, for a funeral home that was once a church, it only makes sense that a church would find its new home there.

Bakken-Young Funeral and Cremation Services has always been a pillar in the community when it comes to dealing with death care.  They know how to create an environment to serve families when they need it the most. At Bakken-Young Funeral and Cremation Services, not only do they create services that honor your loved ones in death, they also provide many other areas of support to those that are left grieving.  Their care includes grief support groups and a wide range of resources that help many on their way to healing.

Recently, Bakken-Young has offered the use of their chapel to a local church, The River.  Every Sunday, The River church uses Bakken-Young’s River Falls chapel as a location for their worship services, Sunday School, and Nursery care.  According to Jodie Bakken-Young,
co-owner at Bakken-Young Funeral and Cremation Services, “Pastor Ron Weller of The River approached us months ago about renting space for Sunday services…we were happy to welcome their congregation to our River Falls location.”  The River church had been meeting at the middle school for 15 years. The church’s leadership felt that the funeral home’s chapel would be a good fit for their congregation and would better meet their needs. Now
The River sets up every Sunday morning, converting Bakken-Young’s chapel into a worship sanctuary. According to Mrs. Bakken-Young, “We have enjoyed being able to rent our space to The River and are glad to be able to accommodate the needs of their growing church.”

Bakken-Young Funeral and Cremation Services serves the community through death care and grief support and has now taken the opportunity to use their facility as a place of hope for an even wider audience.

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