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Beverly Jarrett 06/22/2024

Beverly Helene (Jardine) Jarrett, age 92, passed away peacefully at home on June 22, 2024, in New Richmond, WI. Born October 4th, 1931, she spent 88 years in North Dakota, where she married Lyle Jarrett in 1951. They raised 6 children to whom she passed down her wickedly sick sense of humor. Everyone was made to feel welcome at G’ma’s house; kids, grandkids, exes, exes kids… she didn’t always know who they were, but they always knew her! After some time, a new generation of 15 grandchildren entered the fold, and she kept them in line with her keen sense of humor and witty comebacks. She loved shaking her fists at the grandkids as she laughingly said things like, “Good gravy!” and “For Pete’s sake.” The disease of dementia stole some years and some memories from her, but it couldn’t take her title of ‘Bingo Queen’ (she has the bingo wings to prove it). Though she was preceded in death by her parents, 2 brothers, 3 sons and 1 grandson, she is survived by her 3 daughters, (Barb in Idaho, Trish in Wisconsin and Diane in Minnesota), fourteen grandchildren, and a whopping twenty-six great grandchildren. Uff da! She will be missed dearly by all those whose lives she touched. There will be a celebration of life on (sneezes while muttering incoherently) and a burial in the Fairview Cemetery in Bismarck, ND…or vice versa as the family is pretty terrible at making plans. Dates to be determined by those same family members who are terrible at making plans…We encourage everyone to plant a memory garden in her honor in your yard or a random yard of someone else as she loved fun surprises like that! She liked peonies and marigolds and flowers that bloom in June as that was her favorite month. The hummingbirds and cardinals she was so fond of watching are now watching over her. Sleep well, G’ma Bev, G’ma BevHead, G’ma Beb, G’ma Bug. We love you!

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