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Using April Fools to Joke About Death

We all like to joke around on April Fools. Whether it is a simple “dad joke” or a prank on a friend, it is a day people typically like to laugh. Some people like to put in a lot of effort for pranks, and these can go too far. But, what is too far? For starters, joking about death is NOT a good way to make others laugh. Death is a serious matter, but can we still make jokes about it? Let’s dive into tips when it comes to using April Fools to joke about death and joking about death in general.

“April Fools, they didn’t die!”

Most people agree on avoiding jokes like these. Unfortunately, common sense can be rare. Usually, it is children who have joked this way because they want attention. When children do this, parents must teach and discipline them because they are growing, their brains are developing, and they can’t make decisions fully. When someone jokes about this at an age they know better, that is different. Remember that saying, “The boy who cried wolf?” Well, that applies here. Those who joke about death must develop wisdom because they will understand someday. We have all experienced death. That’s why it can feel like others are insensitive to us. Grief is inevitable. So, do we let that stop us from joking about death outright or just the serious ones?

Avoiding Jokes, Not Just on April Fools

When your loved one dies, your world crashes around you. You experience grief and pain that you will learn to carry for the rest of your life. To ease that pain, people may take time to laugh and tell jokes. When a family member makes a light-hearted comment about what their deceased loved one is “doing in heaven” or as they “watch from above” or likewise, there is nothing wrong with their comments. It is one thing to wish ill on someone who is dying or has died than to joke about a humorous thing they could be doing in heaven or have done in their last moments. Jokes aside, saying someone should “die painfully” is 100% wrong, even in a “joking” manner. But avoiding jokes about how they “laughed to death” or did plenty of humorous or embarrassing things throughout their life is not wrong. It is good to remember your loved ones’ funny moments. All in all, this leads to the next point–free speech.

Free Speech and April Fools

You and everyone else here in America can say whatever you want when you want. While there’s proper behavior, good manners, and etiquette in specific places and events, you can speak what you wish. This does not include a direct threat to an individual. We can all agree and understand that telling someone you hope they die is extremely wrong and unlawful, and someone should face repercussions for wishing ill on someone. Generally speaking, America allows everyone to speak their mind. Because we have free speech, we can respect our differences in opinion and accept that we are all unique individuals with our own experiences, feelings, and thoughts. Overall, someone can joke about death how they want to, even if it feels insensitive and wrong to you. But don’t give them the power of satisfaction if they say something that bothers you because it adds to their fuel by you getting upset. The best we can all do for ourselves to grow in wisdom and lead by example is to “turn the other cheek.” Don’t let April Fools get in the way of your happiness. Live a little and laugh a lot.

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