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8 Reasons to Take Advantage of Preplanning a Funeral

Preplanning a funeral is something that is possible for anyone. Whether you are young and healthy or advanced in age, you can take advantage of preplanning a funeral for yourself or for a loved one. Today we’ll discuss 8 reasons why you should start preplanning a funeral today.

Easier For Everyone Involved

Preplanning a funeral makes it easier for everyone involved because it allows for less emotional and financial stress for everyone. There is no guessing, no scrambling to find funding, and no hassle to those who are left behind.

Gives You Control

When you preplan, you have full control of your funeral/cremation decisions. You determine what your wishes are and put them in writing to provide a guide for your family and the funeral home. Likewise, if you are planning a funeral for a loved one, preplanning gives you the chance to discuss what they would like. There is no guess work and when a death occurs and there are less tasks to worry about.

Adjust At Anytime

Are you afraid you will change your mind? Preplanning allows you to change or adjust the services you have selected at any time. You can rest easy knowing that your changes are updated by professionals.

Peace of Mind For You

Everyone could use more peace of mind. When you have your funeral planned ahead of time, you have peace of mind knowing that it is all taken care of.

Protects Your Plans

We all want to make sure our plans are future-proof. A properly structured funeral trust remains protected regardless of future health care situations, i.e. nursing home. You can be confident that your funeral plans will not be affected by what happens in the future.

Guarantee Available

Did you know that there are Guaranteed Funeral/Cremation trusts offered with Bakken-Young? You can ensure that your plans are prepaid and prepared with a Guaranteed Funeral or Cremation Trust.

Avoid Taxes

Tax. Free. Growth. What else needs to be said?!

Saves You Money

Preplanning a funeral properly today saves you money in the future. Take advantage of preplanning a funeral today and start discussing your wishes with Bakken-Young.

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