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7 Tips for giving a Unique Eulogy

If your loved one has died and you have been asked to give the eulogy you will probably have an immediate feeling of pride and honor to be asked such an important task. As you start to contemplate the job at hand it may become more nerve wracking as the weight of this job hits you.  


So what exactly is a eulogy? It’s a tribute that reflects on the experiences and memories we’ve shared in life with our loved one. Some of the things included will be telling of their early life and education. You also typically will include some details on their work and family life as well as some of their interests, hobbies and achievements or legacy.


Dealing with death can be a somber time and it can be a struggle to interact with others that are grieving. So how do you give an appropriate eulogy that honors the loved one but is also  unique and celebrates their life?


Here are 7 steps to giving a unique eulogy:

  1. Emphasize the personality of the one you are honoring. Were they sweet or kind?  Did they love to laugh? Maybe they loved to make others laugh. Express their personality in the way that you talk about them.
  2. Tie in their personal interests. Were they a die-hard fan of a football team? Have their favorite jersey or sport memorabilia as part of your eulogy. If they were an avid golfer or bowler, tell their story and brag about their best score.
  3. Write a poem that expresses who they were. A poem can rhyme but it does not have to.
  4. Use their favorite song or musical as an inspiration. Conduct a sing-a-long of their favorite song to honor them. Depending on the tone of the lyrics it will allow everyone to joyfully celebrate their life.
  5. Have a legacy line where photos and images are shown that  shows the legacy of the one who has passed. Show how they will live on through these people and ways that they touched others.
  6. Give the guest an activity that would honor the character and mission of the loved one. If they were a strong motivator who would want everyone to live life to their fullest, have a sheet a paper where everyone sets a goal on how they will live a fuller life. Maybe the loved one volunteered for a non-profit. You could suggest a donation or volunteer opportunities in honor of the loved one.
  7. Tell the eulogy as if you are telling a story. For example, “once upon a time lived a beautiful women who lived in such a way that all who crossed paths with her would never forget her.” Tell the story of their life with a bit of whimsy.


Celebrating life and adding elements of your loved ones personality will shine a light on the impact the loved one has had. Hopefully these steps will help you give a eulogy that is memorable and will honor your loved one and the life they lived.

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